About Me

Hi! My name is Luke. I’m a full stack web developer and software engineer with over 15 years of professional experience. I’m passionate about solving business and marketing problems through the use of technology.

I love to build and architect distributed and asynchronous web applications. I mostly work with PHP and Symfony 2 with a good dose of Javascript thrown in. I’m a lover of Linux, good coffee, Java and anything open source.

What I do

I focus on building web & mobile applications using a wide variety of technologies. I help startups and businesses, large and small, to succeed in their goals by applying focused technology. Over the years I’ve have worked in many different industries including outsourcing, media, government, rail road infrastructure, broadcasting to name but a few.


I started my professional career in the early/mid 90’s doing mostly low-level graphics and systems programming using C and x86 assembly language in the booming multi-media space of the time. A few years later I found myself doing a lot of application development with higher level languages such as C++, Java, Toolbook and Lingo (Macromedia Director) with a lot of focus on eLearning and Computer Based Training (CBT).

In 2001 I stumbled by accident on this thing called Flash and started specialising in the Flash Platform and the ActionScript programming language in particular. During this time I was deeply involved in programming and engineering a wide variety of user interface, user interaction and simulation applications for a number of digital and marketing agencies.

However, in 2009, with the industry shift to mobile, I decided to take things in a different direction and go back to my grass roots and to focus more on server side web development technologies including Linux, PHP, Java, databases, Cloud and software engineering in general.

Work with me

I’m available for work. To get in touch with me the best way would be to fill out the Contact Form on my business website. Alternatively you can also find me on LinkedIn.