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Timesheets are the funniest thing I’ve come across during my career as a developer. Many companies use timesheets to track the amount of time a certain individual has been working on a certain task. Keeping accurate timesheets can be a great tool for gaining insight into your business. However, in every single instance that I’ve […]

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We are a Factory!

Years ago I worked at a digital agency were an all company meeting was organised to rally the troops. The CEO took the stage and the first words out of his mouth were: “We are a factory!” I understand why CEO’s an other management types like to think of their organisation as a factory. When […]

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I watched Prometheus again over the weekend. Actually, I didn’t. I only watched half. I had to stop half way through because it was so boring and cliché. If you’re a lover of Sci-Fi, like me, then you’re probably just as disappointed after seeing Prometheus as I was. The first Alien movie released in 1979 […]

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Galaxy Nexus Review

I’ve had my Galaxy Nexus for about a month now and I thought I would be nice to write up a little post regarding my experiences with the device. This is my first “modern” mobile phone. The previous mobile phone I bought was a Nokia 3660 and I’m pretty sure that was in 2004. That […]

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Telstra, really?

I was browsing Telstra’s online shop today. This is what I was presented with, each time I loaded another page: Really? What has the operating system got to do with anything? I run a perfectly fine version of Chrome, albeit on Ubuntu Linux. Should that really matter? It’s not 1998! C’mon guys!

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