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Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail

I have encountered this problem over and over again; Software teams who aren’t capable of designing the product they are trying to build. I get it, designing the product can be difficult and boring work. You need to have long discussions, you have to write stuff down (God forbid), create wire-frames, flow charts, and it […]

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Herding Cats

The management of a group of creative intelligent workers is often referred to as Herding Cats, or as Wikipedia illustratively describes it: An idiom that refers to a frustrating attempt to control or organize a class of entities which are uncontrollable or chaotic. Creative intelligent people such as software developers and designers of any kind, […]

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The Private Office

Joel has spoken a lot about programmers and the private office. As he described in his article, “Not every programmer in the world wants to work in a private office”, which might very well be true, however, I think it’s important that your developers have at least the “choice” to work in an environment where […]

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Exceptional Error Handling

When it comes to error handling, most developers either skim over it or forget about it all together. Error handling is a difficult thing to get right. In this article I’m going to show an effective way to add error handling to your business software by making use of exceptions. Why exceptions? Exceptions are very […]

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Symfony 2 for PHP developers – Part 3

So, now that we have spoken about the general direction in Part 1 and we talked about the Dependency Injection in Part 2, it’s now time to talk about “wiring”. I previously already mentioned wiring in Part 2 and we’re now going to look into what this actually means. The term “wiring” is actually very […]

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Symfony 2 for PHP developers – Part 2

Dependency Injection is at the heart of Symfony 2. To understand Symfony 2 you need to understand Dependency Injection. Fortunately for us, the principle of Dependency Injection is very simple. Rather than hard coding instantiations of objects into our classes we’ll pass ‘m in, something like this: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 […]

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Symfony 2 for PHP developers – Part 1

So, you heard a lot about this web framework called Symfony 2 and everyone is banging on about how fantastic it is, but you don’t understand what the big deal is and now you’re reading this.. To be honest, my introduction to Symfony 2 wasn’t entirely voluntarily, it was forced upon me but I decided […]

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Asynchronous Auto-Complete Input Fields with Bootstrap Typeahead – Update

A while ago I posted about implementing the Bootstrap Typeahead component using an async call. Since that post I have received various requests from people with questions about this approach so I have taken the liberty to make a slightly more complete example than the one shown in the original post. I have a ZIP […]

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WordPress Security: First Line of Defence

When you have set up your WordPress website and published it on the web it has become vulnerable to attacks. Most people don’t realise that there are automated processes scanning the web for vulnerable WordPress websites. These scanning “robots” will try to get into your “admin” account by guessing the admin password. Most of these […]

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Beware the favicon feedback loop

The other day I noticed something strange happening on one of my servers. I have munin set up to monitor memory, cpu and disk space usage etc. and I noticed that for some reason memory consumption was going through the roof. After checking the logs I noticed the following error: PHP Fatal error: Allowed memory […]

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Javascript Preloader

The year was 2006. I was knee deep building websites with Flash and when I say Flash, I actually mean ActionScript. Fast forward to 2013 and guess what? Javascript today is pretty much what ActionScript was in 2006, at least, from a language point of view. Anyway, I was working on this website recently and […]

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The Bank Statement

The banking saga continues at NAB. I have a business bank account at NAB and I wish I never opened it. Anyway, the other day I needed to get the 2nd quarterly statements from my business bank account to do my quarterly GST (tax) tax return. So, I hop onto online banking and click into […]

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Responsive YouTube Video Embeds

I was recently working on a responsive website where YouTube videos could be embedded in the content. Since the website was responsive the embedded video had to resize based on the width of the content are but since YouTube iframe embeds have a hard coded width and height, the size of the iframe was always […]

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Timesheets are the funniest thing I’ve come across during my career as a developer. Many companies use timesheets to track the amount of time a certain individual has been working on a certain task. Keeping accurate timesheets can be a great tool for gaining insight into your business. However, in every single instance that I’ve […]

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Custom Responsive Bootstrap Carousel

Some time ago I had to implement an image carousel and since I was using Bootstrap to build the website I thought I might as well use the built-in Bootstrap Carousel functionality. However, there was one little caveat. This carousel had to display a reflection overlay and on top of that, the carousel needed to […]

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