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We are a Factory!

Years ago I worked at a digital agency were an all company meeting was organised to rally the troops. The CEO took the stage and the first words out of his mouth were: “We are a factory!” I understand why CEO’s an other management types like to think of their organisation as a factory. When […]

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WordPress Database Connection Error

The other day I ran into a problem with one of my clients websites that was throwing the Nemesis error for all WordPress developers: Error establishing a database connection. Not a very nice error to present to your users. I was wondering if it was possible to change this message to something more meaningful, or […]

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The Bank Transfer

I’ve been running into issues with banking here in Australia. I’d like to share with you some of the ridiculous scenarios I’ve been in. So, this will be the first installment of a series called “Broken Bank”. The Transfer Years ago I went into the bank to transfer money. I had recently moved to Australia […]

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The Future of Music: Bytebeat

If you enjoy music this might come as a shock/surprise to you but there is a new form of music out there. No, not a style but a new form. It’s called “Bytebeat” and I must say I greatly enjoy it. My personal favourite at the moment is a track called Crowd, however, if your […]

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Asynchronous Auto-Complete Input Fields with Bootstrap

Bootstrap is a great HTML framework and I’ve been using it a lot lately for most of my projects. The other day I needed to add asynchronous auto-complete functionality to an input field and Bootstrap seems to offer type ahead functionality out of the box. However, from the documentation it wasn’t instantly clear on how […]

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The Scale of Perfection

A great thinker once said: Time is money. When you start writing code for a living you’ll soon find out how true this statement actually is and unless you have a client who’s after perfection and willing to pay you by the hour for achieving it, you better be damn sure that your estimates are […]

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I watched Prometheus again over the weekend. Actually, I didn’t. I only watched half. I had to stop half way through because it was so boring and cliché. If you’re a lover of Sci-Fi, like me, then you’re probably just as disappointed after seeing Prometheus as I was. The first Alien movie released in 1979 […]

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Galaxy Nexus Review

I’ve had my Galaxy Nexus for about a month now and I thought I would be nice to write up a little post regarding my experiences with the device. This is my first “modern” mobile phone. The previous mobile phone I bought was a Nokia 3660 and I’m pretty sure that was in 2004. That […]

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Telstra, really?

I was browsing Telstra’s online shop today. This is what I was presented with, each time I loaded another page: Really? What has the operating system got to do with anything? I run a perfectly fine version of Chrome, albeit on Ubuntu Linux. Should that really matter? It’s not 1998! C’mon guys!

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Silos and Bands

Some background first; Over the years I’ve worked in few, what you’d call, digital agencies. These are essentially advertising agencies working online. They work with their clients to mainly create banner ads, Facebook Apps & Pages and product specific micro-sites. The holy grail in these agencies is “the viral” campaign. In these digital agencies there […]

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WordPress Pagination

A while ago, while looking for inspiration regarding pagination in WordPress, I came across a post by Steve Taylor. The function he presented in his post was easy to use and to the point. However, after closer inspection I noticed that a few things about it that could use some improvement. The first thing I […]

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Ubuntu 11.10, Unity and Gnome 3

Heaven almighty. What has happened? Unity and Gnome 3 have been forced upon us. Luckily there is salvation. I don’t know about you but after installing Ubuntu 11.10 I nearly had a heart attack. Hello Canonical! My massive wide screen display is NOT a tablet. It’s part of a work station. There is a reason […]

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As a programmer, how productive I am is for the greater part defined by the environment I’m working in. Over the years I’ve worked in places that really understood this and I’ve worked in places where they didn’t had a clue. Since early 2010 I’ve been working from home. It’s the first time I’ve actually […]

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Backing up with CRON and rsync

Everyone makes regular backups and so do you, right? I run an Ubuntu desktop and I have set up nightly backups. Every day at midnight my /home directory is synchronised onto a dedicated backup drive using the following rsync command: 1 nice -n19 rsync -rltDuqAog –delete –exclude=’*.gvfs’ /home/me/ /media/backup As you can see. I run […]

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Configuring WordPress for multiple domains

One if the things you will run into while doing WordPress development is switching between your local development environment, the staging environment and, eventually, the production environment. If you set up a new WordPress website and you use the out-of-the-box configuration mechanics, you will find that WordPress stores the website domain in the database. This means […]

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