The Bank Statement

The banking saga continues at NAB.

I have a business bank account at NAB and I wish I never opened it. Anyway, the other day I needed to get the 2nd quarterly statements from my business bank account to do my quarterly GST (tax) tax return. So, I hop onto online banking and click into the main business account. The first thing I noticed was the “Export data” option. However, clicking this doesn’t actually let you select a range. After a few frustrating moments I noticed another option located slightly above it titled “Show filter”. Clicking this allowed me to set a date range. Hmm..

This is where the real nightmare began. It’s the end of January and I needed the date range since October 1 until December 31 of the previous year. When I entered this range I received a message that informed me that I had to “register” if I needed to select a range more than one month. WTF? It instructed me to go to a certain section in the Settings but it turns out, to actually “register” you need to go somewhere else. To figure this out took me a trip to the bank (who couldn’t tell me how it worked) and then another couple of frustrating hours.

Next problem. I haven’t received any paper statements in the mail so the only thing I have is the online banking portal. The next problem was that you cannot go further than 100 days in the past! WTF? This is online banking and I cannot go further back in time than 100 days? Another trip to bank.

Conveying my frustration to the teller they started to search, and search, and search. When I opened the account I never received any sort of welcome aboard pack with my banking details. The girl who opened the account for me wrote the account details on her business card. So, all I have are some scribbled down details regarding my account. Anyway, about 30 mins. later they finally found the problem. They had set my statement cycle to 6 months which means that once every 6 months I would receive a statement. Obviously not good enough. Is’t it common sense that a business bank account should have 3 month statement cycles?

Anyway, back to the 100 day limit. The teller explained to me how it worked and how it’s my fault. To get online statements I need to go into online banking every month and need to do an export manually. I mean, how dumb am I to assume that you can’t just select any date range to export data over? This is a bank and the 100 limit is simply the bank giving me the finger. If I had signed up for paperless statements I would be truly F’ed since I wouldn’t have neither.

Luckily I opened the account half way through November and I was within the 100 day limit. I’m sure that NAB will understand that this situation has caused my relationship with them to be a deal breaker.

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