The Future of Music: Bytebeat

If you enjoy music this might come as a shock/surprise to you but there is a new form of music out there. No, not a style but a new form. It’s called “Bytebeat” and I must say I greatly enjoy it.

My personal favourite at the moment is a track called Crowd, however, if your system doesn’t play OGG’s out of the box there are some other samples on SoundCloud:

But what exactly is Bytebeat? This form a music is not created by instruments in the traditional sense. The music you hear is actually created by a formula. This is the formula for the track Crowd:


Pretty nifty. This tiny formula creates a little over 8 and a half minutes of music.

It sounds a bit rudimentary at the moment but I guess this form of music is still very much in the hands of engineers. Maybe you can compare it with the first piano or organ, I’m sure it wasn’t created by a musician but an engineer instead. It would be interesting to see how this is going to sound in the future when musicians get their heads around this.

There seems to be an iOS application that will let you create this type of music called GlitchMachine. If you’re on iOS you might want to give it a try.

If you want to read more:

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